Lab Director

Kirsten K. Coe, Ph.D.  |  she/her/they  |

Kirsten is a broadly trained plant ecophysiologist with expertise in plant-environment interactions and responses to global change. Her research Venn diagram most often includes spheres of bryology (the study of mosses), dryland ecology, and stress physiology. Kirsten teaches courses in the classroom, lab, and field that apply evidence-based pedagogy and active learning techniques.

Current Lab Members

Jack Martell, ES/BIO ’25

Grady Welsh, ES/BIO ’24

Emily Power, ES/BIO ‘23.5

Lab Alums

Adelaide Mahler, ES/BIO ’23

Nuki Neumeister, ES/BIO ‘22.5

Jaden Hill, ES/BIO ’22

Sahalie Pittman, BIO ‘21.5

Maya Gomez, BIO ’21

Quinn Brencher, ECSC ’21

Niko Carvajal Janke, BIO ’21