Courses at Middlebury

BIOL0140 – Ecology and Evolution

BIOL0203 – Biology of Plants

BIOL0230 – Global Change Biology

BIOL0444 – Desert Ecology

BIOL0500/0700/0701 – Independent Research / Senior Thesis in Biology

FYSE1043 – Deserts: Myths, Mystery, Magic

NATURE program

NATURE (Native American Tribes Upholding Restoration & Education) is a program developed by the Nature Conservancy’s Canyonlands Research Center and Utah State University. This 7-week, immersive internship provides Indigenous college students from the Four Corners Region with essential training to work in natural resource sciences, land management, and conservation. By connecting interns with Indigenous and non-Indigenous scientists and mentors, we work to support the next generation of environmental leaders and amplify diverse voices in finding solutions to climate and conservation challenges on the Colorado Plateau. Kirsten participates annually in this program as part of a week-long plant ecology and field skills module. Click here to see a video from the 2023 NATURE cohort.